Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a beautiful city with spectacular scenery around every corner. Because of its history – as a British colony for 99 years and after that handed over to China in 1997 had posed an enormous impact of Hong Kong culture. A city that has successfully blended the most traditional culture in the East and West together and produced wonderful cuisines for people around the world to try.

You can find all kind of cuisines in Hong Kong, just name it- Japanese, Korean, Chinese, British, French, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Philippine, Indonesian… Everything!

Not only that, you can find street food as well. Only exclusively available in Hong Kong. For instances, egg puffs, Hong Kong milk tea, curry fish balls, stinky fried tofu, cow organs in a pot, pineapple buns, fried pig intestines etc. There are too many tasty foods in Hong Kong, we cannot list all of them here, so follow our blog to find more delicious food in Hong Kong.

Have fun!